Medical Equipment in ICU Department

Treatment, nursing, and rehabilitation can be performed simultaneously. It provides an isolation place and full equipment for critically ill or comatose patients. Also, best nursing care, comprehensive treatment, considerate medical care, early postoperative rehabilitation, and joint care sports therapy can be provided. ICU department is a form of medical organization management that integrates modern medical treatment, nursing, and rehabilitation technology. With the joint development of medical, nursing, and rehabilitation, as well as the application of new medical equipment, and the improvement of hospital management systems, the ICU department will gain rapid and significant progress.

Composition of ICU Department

The ICU department gathers critically ill patients and guarantees the best manpower, material resources, and technology, to obtain a good treatment effect. The ICU department has a central monitoring station to directly observe all monitored beds. Each hospital bed occupies a wide space, and the beds are separated by medical screens or curtains. The ICU department is equipped with bedside monitors, China ICU ventilator machine, ECG, defibrillators, pacemakers, infusion pumps, oxygen concentrators, and other equipment.

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