Operation Theatre Equipment

Operation theatre equipment should be equipped with special equipment and instruments such as theater light, China OT table, diathermy unit, ECG, modular patient monitor, infusion pump & syringe pump, etc.

The laminar flow operating room is a more high-end operation room. It adopts air cleaning technology to control microbial pollution sources in different degrees, so as to meet the requirements of air cleanliness in the controlled space environment for all kinds of operations. It provides a fresh, clean, comfortable space environment with the appropriate temperature, humidity, and super-less bacterial where patients receive as little damage as possible, and greatly reduce the chances of secondary infections of medical staff.

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Operation Theatre Equipment FAQs

What equipment and medical items are normally needed in ICU?

Patient monitor, ventilator, ECG, infusion & syringe & feeding pump, defibrillator, China phlegm suction unit, oxygen concentrator, patient bed, bedside locker, patient trolley, clinical trolley, instrument trolley, wash basin, medical screen and etc.

If I want build an ICU room, will I get any help from you?

Yes, we have professional team to help you from the first beginning of your construction to the final stage of finalizing you ICU equipment.

What options do I have when I want to buy one theater light?

We have a single head light, double dome LED OT light, halogen and LED, celling & fixed & mobile type for your option.

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