Ambulance & Mobile Clinic

A modern ambulance is spacious, which gives ambulance crews enough space to treat patients on their way back to the hospital. Modern ambulances also carry a large number of bandages and external applications to help stop bleeding, clean wounds, and prevent infections.

The car also carries splints and braces to stabilize broken limbs and prevent neck and spine injuries. There is also an oxygen bag, portable ventilator, and cardiac pacemaker defibrillator. Most ambulances also carry patient monitors to monitor patient's pulse and breathing. 

Mobile Clinic (Mobile physical examination vehicle) refers to a special vehicle designed for the medical industry that can function the routine physical examination, treatment, emergency medical rescue, and other functions of the special vehicles, mainly used in the medical industry. The car will be equipped with the X-ray machine, ECG, ultrasound scanner, hematology analyzer, chemistry analyzer, and other advanced medical equipment.

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FAQs Of Ambulance & Mobile Clinic

What equipment and service will Ambulance offer?

It's customized products. Normally we will equip an emergency portable monitor, defibrillator, patient stretcher, oxygen bag, infusion & syringe pump and etc.

You will also supply a bus?

Yes, it's called a Mobile clinic. We’ve done this project to Kenya market. The bus needs to be specially designed and medical equipment will also be specially put inside the bus. 

What equipment and service will a mobile clinic offer?

It's a customized product. In our last mobile clinic project, we put X-ray, chemistry analyzer, hematology analyzer, electrolyte analyzer, microscope, centrifuge and other items in the bus and can drive to different places for diagnosis and body-check.

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