Anesthesia Machine

Anesthesia Machine delivers anesthetics into the patient's alveoli through a mechanical circuit to form a partial pressure of the anesthetic gas. After being diffused into the blood, the anesthesiology machine directly inhibits the central nervous system and produces the effect of general anesthesia. Anesthesia machine is a kind of semi-open anesthesia device. It is mainly composed of anesthesia vaporizer, flowmeter, folding bellows ventilator, breathing circuit (including suction and expiratory one-way valves and manual air bag), corrugated pipe and other components.

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FAQ of Anesthesia Machine

How many sets of reusable breathing circuit in anesthesia machine?

Normally 1 set is standard. If you need more sets, we can also do that.

Is your flow meters mechanical or electrical?

We have both mechanical and electrical flow meters for you option. 

What anesthesia gas vaporizers do you offer?

We offer mainly isoflurane, sevoflurane, enflurane, and halothane vaporizers etc.

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