Laboratory Incubator

The laboratory incubator is a basic equipment for cultivating microorganisms, cells, tissues and other organisms in vitro by imitating the growth and reproduction environment of bacteria and other microorganisms by artificial methods. In clinical experiments, this kind of incubator apparatus can isolate and cultivate pathogens, identify and susceptibility tests to various body fluids and tissue samples such as blood, cerebrospinal fluid, respiratory and reproductive tract secretions, and pus.

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FAQ of Laboratory Incubator

What kind laboratory incubator do you have?

We have constant temperature incubator, bacterial incubator, anaerobic incubator, biochemical incubator, etc.

What is the temperature control range of your constant temperature incubator?

Temperature Control Range: RT+5~105ºC. 

Is there a display which I can check the latest parameters of the machine?

Our laboratory incubator has a 7-inch Smart LCD touch screen.

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