Laboratory Pipettes

The laboratory pipette is also called the pipette gun, which is a measuring tool that transfers liquid from the original container to another container within a certain range. Different sizes of pipette tips are matched with different sizes of pipette equipment. It’s mainly used in clinical diagnostic laboratories, biotechnology laboratories, pharmacy and chemical laboratories, environmental laboratories, food laboratories, etc.

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FAQ of Laboratory Pipettes

What kinds of pipettes do you have?

We have mechanical pipetting devices, electronic pipettes, single channel pipette, multi-channel pipette, mini pipettes, etc.

What is volume range of the laboratory pipettes?

We can offer the pipettes with volume range from 0.1μl to 5000μl. 

Do you have a pipette stand which can hold different size pipettes?

Yes, we have both linear and round pipette stand which can hold maximum 6pcs pipettes.

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