• F9 Fetal Monitoring Device
  • F9 Fetal Monitoring Device

F9 Series Fetal & Maternal Monitor

F9 Series Fetal and Maternal Monitor integrates hemodynamic parameters from both mother and baby to provide a cost-effective and comprehensive monitoring solution. The highly resolution touch screen contains user selectable display modes that allow you to display the combination of information best suited for the clinical situation.

Key Features of F9 Series Fetal & Maternal Monitor

  • TF9 Series Fetal and Maternal Monitor utilize a 12-crystal, 1.0 MHz waterproof transducer to produce a wider ultrasound beam with a more homogenous signal for advanced performance in all phases of the birthing process.

  • Antepartum: before childbirth, detecting fetal heart rate, as well as maternal heart rate to differentiate signal overlaps.

  • Intrapartum: during laboring, the F9 series support intensive birth condition and consistently retain monitoring outcomes.

  • Postpartum: following childbirth, new moms' health condition is still critical and their vital signs need to remain monitored.

  • The touch screen has a 60° tilt adjustment so you always have the optimal viewing angle at the bedside.

  • The intuitive 12.1" color touch screen user interface allows you to rapidly change parameters in critical situations.

  • Simplify your workflow by configuring the start button to include both patient information and printing.

  • The antepartum CTG analysis provides an objective assessment of CTG for the caregiver's reference and ensures easy access to read FHR patterns

Specifications of F9 Series Fetal & Maternal Monitor


F9 5.5kg approx.

F9 Express 6.3kg approx.


12.1inch, 800×600 Pixel

Multicolor LCD Touch Screen

Ultrasound Transducer

12-Crystal Transducer, Cable Length 2.5m

Weight 190g, Dimension 88mm × 35mm

Color Identification, Color Yellow/Purple, IPX8

TOCO Transducer

Cable Length 2.5m, Weight 180g

Dimension 88mm × 35mm, IPX8

Remote Event Marker

Cable Length 2.5m, Weight 56g


Cable Length 3m, Weight 213g


Cable Length 2.4m, Weight 68g


Cable Length 3.3m, Weight 194g


Cable Length 3m, Weight 55g

Rechargeable Li-ion Battery

Nominal Voltage 14.8V, Nominal Capacity 5000mAh

Continuous Working Time >2 hours

Necessary Charge Time<7 hours

Cycle Life >300 times


Thermal Dot-matrix Recorder


Z-fold, Thermosensitive

(Compatible with GE and Philips recorder papers)

Paper Width


Effective Printing Width

110mm (American Standard)

120mm (International Standard)

FHR Printout Width

70mm (American Standard)

80mm (International Standard)

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