Video Colposcope

Video Colposcope is a gynecological clinical diagnostic instrument. It is suitable for the diagnosis of various cervical diseases and genital lesions (sexual diseases). It can magnify the observed image by 10 to 60 times, and find small lesions that cannot be detected by the naked eye. With this magnification effect, doctors can clearly see the tiny lesion details on the cervical epidermis and genital epidermis through the large-screen display, which helps to improve the accuracy of judging cervical and genital lesions, and provides an early diagnosis of the disease. 

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FAQ of Video Colposcope

What is the pixel of your Video Colposcope?

The pixel of our Video Colposcope is 440000(PAL); 380000(NTSC).

What is the magnification of your Video Colposcope?

The magnification of our Video Colposcope is 1~28X / 1~36X.

Do you supply a completely set of your Video Colposcope?

Yes, beside the main unit of Video Colposcope, we also supply the holder, trolley with display and printer.

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