Medical Laboratory Equipment

In medical laboratory, there will be various examinations such as biochemical examination, immunoassay, microbiological examination and temporary inspection items. Thus, many medical laboratory devices will be involved like blood bank refrigerator, biosafety cabinet, fume hood, centrifuge, sterilizer, microscope and etc.

In biochemical examination, service shall be provided such as chemistry test, liver function test, kidney function test, DF Diary, TG and Ion test etc.

In immunoassay, service will be provided as follows: Infectious disease screening, Virus marker examination, Tumor marker examination, Specific protein test and Autoantibody test etc.

In microbiological examination, patients can enjoy the services of Common bacterial culture & Drug allergy, Fungus cultivation & Drug allergy, anaerobion cultivation & Drug allergy and etc.

Temporary inspection items include general blood test, Blood parasites identification, urine test, stool examination etc.

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FAQs of Medical Laboratory Equipment

Will I get reagent after buying machines from you?

Yes, supplying reagent is a must.

What's the transport and storage temperature for reagent?

For some reagents, it only requires normal transportation. For other reagents, it may require a 2-8° temperature environment. We have a cold chain transportation solution and also we have a reagent refrigerator for your option.

How long is the shelf life of reagent?

Different reagents have a different shelf life, but normally it will be at least a year.

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