• S5 Defibrillator

S5 Defibrillator

With Defibrillation, Pacing, Monitoring, and AED mode, S5 is not only suitable for pre-hospital first aid, but also applicable in in-hospital usage.

Key Features of S5 Defibrillator

  • Screen Size: 7" TFT screen, Resolution 800 × 480, Waveforms: 4 waveforms.

  • Defibrillation: Manual defibrillation modes include synchronous cardioversion and asynchronous defibrillation.

  • Pacing: Having on-demand pacing and fixed pacing mode, for patients with cardiac arrest and acute severe slow arrhythmia, in vitro non-invasive pacing mode is rapid, easy to master, time-saving, and improves the recovery success rate.

  • AED: The model applies a patented analysis algorithm and automated analysis as well as a convenient setting to guide clinical emergency personnel in providing defibrillation and basic life support.

  • Monitor:5-lead ECG monitoring as standard, optional monitoring functions include SpO2, NIBP, PR and EtCO2 are also available for continuous monitoring of patient vital signs.

  • As the most important part of CPR, time is the key for defibrillator monitor. Therefore, S5 abandons complex operation and improve convenience and efficiency for rescue.

  • Up to 360J energy selection, for patients with high defibrillation thresholds such as myocardial infarction, obesity, high impedance, higher energy selection indicates a greater defibrillation success rate.

Technical Specifications of S5 Defibrillator

  • Standard Configuration: Manual defibrillation, AED, 3/5-lead ECG, RESP, Thermal Recorder

  • Optional: Pacer, NIBP, PR, EtCO2, SpO2

  • Manual Mode

  • External defibrillators: 1J~360J, 25 types

  • (1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/15/20/30/50/70/100/120/150/170/200/220/250/270/300/360J)

  • AED Output Energy: Adujustable:100-360J

  • Number of electric shocks: Adjustable: once, twice, 3 times

  • Noninvasive Pacing

  • Waveform: Monophasic square wave pulse

  • Pulse Width: 20ms or 40ms

  • Accuracy: ±5%

  • Pacing Mode: On-demand or fixed

  • Pacing frequency: 30 ppm to 210 ppm

  • Accuracy: ±1ppm or ±1.5% (whichever is greater)

  • Pacing output: 0 mA to 200 mA

  • Accuracy: ±5% or ±5mA, whichever is greater

Image of S5 Defibrillator

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