• XHZ-90L Led Phototherapy Machine

XHZ-90L Infant Phototherapy Equipment

XYZ-90 Series is applied to multiple circumstances. Design based on the concept of simplicity to offer infants effective treatment.

Key Features of XHZ-90L Infant Phototherapy Equipment

  • Mobile and fixed models available (Fixed model is specially mounted on our company's infant incubator);

  • Two kinds of radiate resources: Blue fluorescent lamp and blue LED

  • Timer to count phototherapy time;

  • The angle of the lamp module can be adjusted (for mobile model);

  • Height of lamp module can be adjusted (for mobile model);

  • Wheels can be locked (for mobile model).

Technical Specifications of XHZ-90L Infant Phototherapy Equipment

  • Power requirement: AC220V-230V/50Hz or AC110-120V/50-60Hz,75VA

  • Light source: Blue LED

  • Peak spectrum of radiant light resource:465nm

  • The total spectral irradiance on the effective surface area:

    ≥3.7mWic㎡(for mobile XHZ-90L)

    ≥1.7mW/c㎡2(for fixed XHZ-90L)

  • Average value general bilirubin radiation on the effective surface area:

    ≥2.5mW/c㎡2(for mobile XHZ-90L)

    ≥1.3mW/c㎡(for fixed XHZ-90L)

  • Uniformity of the total irradiance for bilirubin: >0.4

  • The dominant wavelength of blue light: 420-470nm

  • A lifetime of LED: 20000hrs

  • A lifetime of blue fluorescent lamps: 2000hrs

  • Adjustable range for the radiation angle of lamp module: 0-90° up from horizontal(Only for Mobile model)

  • Adjustable range for the height of lamp module: 1350mm-1650mm (Only for Mobile model)

  • Built-in timer range: 0-9999 hrs 59min

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