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ZC-S700 Integral Dental Chair

ZC-S700 integral dental unit is designed ergonomically and modernly. It's elegant and with great attention to detail. It's the first floor-type unit of the Joinchamp brand. A thick chair base with an imported steel frame makes S700 one of the most stable units among our products.

Key Features of ZC-S700 Integral Dental Chair

  • The floor-type unit body ensures the stability of the whole dental unit.

  • The Italian FARO operating lamp and articulated arm features accurate positioning, concentrated light, lightweight and flexible movement.

  • Comfortable for rest on: This dental chair is designed with a unique structure, which is stable and comfortable, ensuring patient comfort.

  • Convenient to use: This control panel of this dental unit is tilted, making it easier for dentists to control. It is an LCD screen, offering a clear display of the operating status.

  • Exquisite craftsmanship: The housing on the dental chair unit is made using injection molding technology, which ensures the housing is uniformly jointed and easy to clean.

  • The dental chair package is designed with a unique structure, which follows the curvature of the human back to ensure the backrest remains close to the patient and offers additional patient comfort.

  • This dental unit has nine recorded seat positions set through easy programming to be suitable for different treatment positions and save treatment time.

  • There is a waterpipes disinfection and flushing system, which helps to prevent cross-infection.

  • The main parts are imported. Unit box and cuspidor bowl are rotatable. And it has a newly designed assistant table with comfortable leather upholstery.

Technical Configuration of ZC-S700 Integral Dental Chair

Three ways syringe, for cold and hot

1 piece each

Imported handpiece hoses

3 pcs

Originally imported faro Maia led operation light with an arm

1 set

Purified water bottle

1 piece

Cup filler/ tray/ tissue box

1 set

Turnable detachable ceramic cuspidor

1 set

Comfortable leather upholstery

1 set


2 pcs

Deluxe combined pedal switch

1 set

LCD on doctor table

1 set

With touch panel assistant control


9 memory chair programs

1 set

Linak motors

2 pieces

All inner air and water hoses are imported

1 set

The unit box is located on the floor and the chair moves separately

1 set

Synchronized movement of the chair

1 set

Deluxe dental stool zc-f and assistant stool zc-19

1 piece each

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