Infant Radiant Warmer

Infant Radiant Warmer refers to a nursing and warming device dedicated to newborns, premature babies, critically ill babies, and frail babies. Alltrusted, a professional infant radiant warmer manufacturer, produces infant warmer machine equipped with an infrared radiation device to provide continuous warmth to the baby, and a digital skin temperature sensor and a far-infrared temperature detector to constantly monitor the baby's body surface temperature and bed surface temperature during the nursing process, and an optional baby jaundice treatment instrument. Such a warmer machine for newborn can also be used to treat neonatal jaundice.

As a professional infant radiant warmer manufacturer, we have different radiant warmer types for you to choose from. Our infant radiant warmers are designed to provide a safe, comfortable environment for newborns in the delivery room, ensuring optimal temperature for maximum comfort and safety. If you are looking for a reliable infant radiant warmer that is easy to install and maintain, then contact us to learn more and inquire about our products.

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FAQ of Infant Radiant Warmer

Does the infant radiant warmer air-oxygen blender unit?

Yes, the infant radiant warmer is with an integrated air-oxygen blender unit.

Does the infant radiant warmer can equip with bilirubin phototherapy device?

Yes, the infant radiant warmer can equip with a bilirubin phototherapy device.

What is the range of baby mode temperature control and skin temperature display?

Baby mode temperature control range: 34.5℃-37.5℃

Skin temperature display range: 5℃-65℃

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