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As a leading safety cabinet supplier, we produce BSC biological safety cabinet with high quality and a competitive price. The BSC biosafety cabinet is suitable for biosafety protection and isolation equipment in microbiology, biomedicine, biosafety laboratories and other laboratories. Adopting advanced air purification technology and negative pressure cabinet design to protect the environment, personnel and samples, and prevent the spread of harmful suspended particles and aerosols; provide safety protection for operators, samples and samples between cross-infection and the environment.

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FAQ of Biosafety Cabinet

What is the Fluorescent Lamp Intensity(Lux)?

As an experienced biosafety cabinet manufacturer, we have different types of biosafety cabinets, such as Class I, Class II A2, Class II B2, Class III, Cytotoxic Safety Cabinet, etc.

I want to order a biological safety cabinet for COVID test, which level I should choose?

For COVID test using, we suggest the biological safety cabinet by Class II A2 level.

What typical efficiency for your biological safety cabinet?

Main Filter Typical Efficiency : ULPA, U15,99.9995%@0.12um

Exhaust Filter Typical Efficiency: ULPA, U15,99.9995%@0.12um

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