Hospital Cart & Trolley

Hospital Cart & Trolley refer to the protective transfer of medical equipment in wards, which are suitable for rotating carts used in various large hospitals, health clinics, pharmacies, mental hospitals and major daily use. To a large extent, it can reduce the burden on caregivers.

The main hospital cart & trolley we have are as follows: emergency trolley, anesthesia trolley, medicine trolley, case history trolley and clinical trolley, etc. To view more details, you can click the links blow. Welcome to contact us if you have any interest in any of them.

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FAQ of Hospital Cart & Trolley

Which kind cart & trolley do you have?

We have emergency, anesthesia, clinical, history case, instrument cart and trolley, etc.

Do you have a special trolley for ECG or Patient Monitor using?

Yes, we have the trolley for ECG or Patient Monitor using.

How many shelves of the instrument trolley? The stainless steel is 304?

It has 2 and 2 shelves for choice, and the stainless steel is 304.

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