Medical Film Printer and Processor

The medical film printer is a device used for medical film output such as X-ray, CT, MRI, DSA, digital gastrointestinal and other medical imaging. Supporting 4 film specifications (14in*17in, 11in*14in, 10in*12in, 8in*10in); Directly connected to equipment that meets the dicom3.0 output standard; Extremely fast printing speed, which can meet the needs of hospital requirements. 

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FAQ of Film Printer and Processor

Which size of the film you can offer? And if I order the printer, should I order the film also?

14in*17in, 11in*14in, 10in*12in, 8in*10in; Since the printer has a bar code, so you must buy the same brand with the printer.

Is the print suitable for a Mammography Machine?

Yes, we have a special printer for Mammography Machine which is with high resolution.

What is the automatic film processor price & MOQ?

The price depends on the type of the product, and our standard package of the film is 100pcs/box, and the MOQ is 500pcs/5boxes.

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