China Transport Ventilator

As one of the leading China transport ventilator manufacturers, we produce a specific type of ventilator used for emergency ventilation rescue for patients with respiratory failure and mechanical ventilation for patients during transportation. The ventilator has integrated gas circuit design and is simple and quick to use. Transport ventilator is often used in emergency places and transfer processes (such as in ambulances). The China ICU ventilator machine is also available here.

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China Transport Ventilator FAQs

How light is your transport ventilator?

The main unit is as light as 3.2kg. With accessories, it is as light as 8kg.

How long will the battery last?

The battery will support the machine for running at least 6 hours.

What ventilation modes do you have?

We have various ventilation modes such as IPPV, V-A/V, V-SIMV, PCV, P-SIMV, PRVC, BiPPV, nCPAP, and HFNC etc.

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