Ultrasonic Doppler

Ultrasonic Doppler is divided into two types: with probe and without probe. Ultrasonic Doppler can detect the heartbeat of the fetus and receive fetal heart sounds with headphones. Ultrasonic fetal doppler is a small fetal heart rate detection device with advanced technology, simple operation and portable. It is suitable for real-time detection and monitoring of fetal heart rate in obstetrics hospitals, clinics and pregnant women at home, providing timely clinical information on fetal health and vitality, so as to detect high-risk fetuses in time and reduce perinatal fetal mortality.

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FAQ of Ultrasonic Doppler

Do you have ultrasonic doppler which can be used at home?

2 MHz probe with deep penetration for later pregnancy and larger patients

3 MHz probe detects fetal heartbeat as early as 9 weeks

4/5/8 MHz probe for blood flow detection

What kind probe for choice?

The lifetime of an LED lamp is not less than 20000hrs.

What is your ultrasonic doppler' s FHR Measurement Range?

The FHR Measurement Range is 50bpm ~ 240bpm.

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