Medical Equipment in Ambulance & Mobile Clinic

Generally, the bus will be equipped with basic medical equipment which came into being the Ambulance & Mobile Clinic. The bus equipped with medical equipment for examination will be driven to different places where needed, and thus, the medical check-up service is provided to the door. Ambulance & Mobile Clinic are divided into different types according to the different equipment loaded: some can check all aspects of the body; some can only be used for imaging examinations; and some are specific inspection items for different groups of people, such as women and the elderly.

Composition of Ambulance & Mobile Clinic

Ambulance & Mobile Clinic functions as a mobile and movable health facility. Though it is not as large as clinics and hospitals, it has complete medical equipment such as DR, ECG, patient monitor, defibrillator, and also lab equipment, such as China hematology analyzer, chemistry analyzer, microscope; and general examination tools such as pulse oximeter, weighing scale, etc.

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