• BM-100A Transcutaneous Jaundice Detector

BM-100A Transcutaneous Jaundice Detector

Transcutaneous Jaundice Detector Press the probe lightly on the forehead of newborns to measure the transcutaneous bilirubin value accurately. Contact us for the jaundice detector price and other types of phototherapy machine! We also provide warmer machine for newborn and other infant and maternal care equipment. Contact us now!

BM-100A Transcutaneous Jaundice Detector Key Features

  • Multiple scenes: applied to neonatology, pediatrics, delivery room, neonatal ward and NICU, etc;

  • Colorful display screen: 3.0inch color touch screen, on-screen display of multiple measurement data, ensure the excellent operation experience;

  • On-screen display of multiple measurement data, and simultaneous storage of multiple patient information, achieving data management to patients;

  • Chargeable battery: equipped with charging base, enduring built-in chargeable battery, convenient for medical staff to use;

  • Enduring light source: xenon flash lamp with long lifespan (measurement>150,000 times);

  • Low voltage indication: a low voltage indication will be activated by low battery capacity;

  • Unit conversion: converting between two kinds of measurement unit mg/dL, μmol/L;

  • Measurement mode: this function permits 1~5 times setting of average measurement;

  • Data storage and transmission: multiple patients' data can be stored.

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