Portable Color Ultrasound

Using ultrasound doppler technology and the principle of ultrasound echo, portable ultrasound scan machine is a device that collects blood flow movement, tissue movement information and human organ tissue imaging at the same time. It is used for ultrasound imaging, measurement and blood flow movement information collection for clinical ultrasound diagnostic examination. Among them, the probe can be used in the esophagus, intravascular, intra-operative intra-human tissue, and/or used in ultrasound navigation and other fields.

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FAQ of Portable Color Ultrasound

What probes can be used for the Color Ultrasound?

We have convex, linear and transvaginal, phased array, 4D, micro probes for choice.

How many transducer ports you have?

Standard 1 connection port, and can be added 2 ports.

Does the ultrasound can support 4D probe?

Yes, 4D probe is totoally sopported, we have portable 3d/4d ultrasound machine, etc.

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