Electrical Hospital Bed

There are many classifications of hospital bed, and the specific classification methods are as follows: According to the material, they can be divided into ABS hospital bed, all-stainless steel hospital bed, semi-stainless steel hospital bed, all-steel spray-plastic hospital bed, etc.

According to functions, this type of hospital furniture China can be divided into electric hospital bed and manual hospital bed. Electric hospital bed can be divided into five-function electric hospital bed and three-function electric hospital bed. Manual hospital bed can be divided into 2 cranks hospital bed and single crank hospital bed, flat hospital bed, etc.

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Electrical Hospital Bed FAQs

Does the hospital bed will come with mattress?

Yes, we have different mattress for choice.

Can the electrical hospital bed be used for ICU?

Yes, we have specifically- made electrical ICU bed.

How many functions of the electrical hospital bed?

We have 3 and 5 functions of the electrical hospital bed.

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