Patient Stretcher & Transfer

The Patient Stretcher & Transfer is made of high-quality aluminum or stainless steel, which has a light and flexible structure; patient carrying stretcher adopts a sponge cushion to make the wounded lie comfortably; There are telescopic handles at both ends for easy lifting of the stretcher; It adopts a low frame structure, which can move on the ground. This kind of medical stretcher bed can also be lifted and walked and can be equipped with an infusion stand.

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FAQ of Patient Stretcher & Transfer

Does the stretcher with Trendelenburg function?

Yes, we have particular model which is with Trendelenburg function.

What kind patient stretcher do you have?

We have stretcher for emergency using, stair stretcher, spine stretcher, foldable stretcher, etc.

Does the stretcher with central locking breaks pedal?

Yes, we have particular stretcher with central locking breaks pedal.

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