• Virus Sampling Tube Kit
  • Virus Sampling Tube Kit

Disposable Virus Sampling Tube Kit (VTM)

  • Non toxic individually wrapped and sterile.

  • Advanced Jet Implanted Nylon Fuzz technology in sampling swab and sampling collection tube.

  • Effective penetrated, diluted, and trapped in the fiber.

Description of Disposable Virus Sampling Tube Kit (VTM)

Disposable Virus Transport and  Preservation Mediums are intended for the collection, storage, and transport of viruses, mycoplasma, chlamydiae, or ureaplasma specimens from the collection site to the testing laboratory.

Key Features of Disposable Virus Sampling Tube Kit (VTM)

  • The nylon flocking swab has outstanding sample collection and release capability, and the release rate can reach 90%, which is much higher than that of the conventional fiber swab.

  • effectively inactivate viruses and reduce the degradation of viral nucleic acid.

  • suitable for most coronavirus testing.

Test Procedures of Disposable Virus Sampling Tube Kit (VTM)

  • According to different sampling requirements, use a sampling swab to sample at the corresponding part.

  • Place the swab after collecting the sample in a sterile sampling tube.

  • Put the swab into the preservation solution and break it from the breaking point.

  • Tighten the sterile sampling tube cover.

  • Mark the relevant sample information on the label of the sampling tube.

Disposable Virus Sampling Tube Kit (VTM)

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