Vein Finder China

Vein finder China is a device used to find veins and blood vessels of the patient. Alltrustedmed, a professional vein viewer manufacturer, provides different kinds of vein finders.

Vein detector applicable people: Infant and child patients, obese patients, edema patients, patients with multiple chemotherapy, patients with poor vascular elasticity, emergency treatment, shock, patients with sharp decrease in blood volume, patients with vascular collapse, etc.

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FAQ of Vein Finder

Do you provide mounting solutions?

Yes, we provide handheld model, mobile support and fixed support.

Does it come with a battery?

Yes, and the battery working time is around 5 hours.

Can you explain more on its application?

Sure, It is a kind of machine that finds veins and can be used in emergency, pre-operation, outpatient and laboratory. There are various types of vein finders with different functions for different patients and occasions, like infant vein finder used on infant forehead and infant opisthenar, others used on fat patient elbow, wrist, face, thigh, black skin, and scar skin for treatment.

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