• Mobile CT Vehicle

Mobile CT Vehicle

This vehicle is specially developed for "detection and diagnosis" stage. It can be used to diagnose suspected infected persons further to realize a fast diagnosis and avoid the potential risk of cross-infection.

Key Features Of Mobile CT Vehicle

  • CT detection efficiency is high: 160-200 ppl / 8h.

  • Advanced CT technology: Low dose lung scan, HD spectral imaging.

  • Customized CT scanner: CAE analysis, counterweight/lightweight design, full-process production, reliability, and seismic performance verification.

  • Patented power storage system: 60 thoracic-abdominal scans per charge. 

  • Support 220V/10A charging port, scan while charging.

Technical Configuration Of Mobile CT Vehicle

  • No-board CT 32-detector row 64-slice CT

  • Lead cabin protection: Protected by 6 lead plates (lead glass): Dose equivalent rate of surrounding area outside the CT cabin shall not be over 2.5μSv/h

  • Parking A/C GREE central A/C, 1-outdoor machine&4-indoor machine: Complete vehicle refrigeration 5.5P

  • Balance device: Intelligent balance system with the horizontal sensor. 

  • Auto-leveling and one key leveling, to ensure the leveling accuracy: Ensure that complete vehicle balance degree is not affected by road Leveling accuracy: ±0.3°

  • Disinfection and sterilization package: Fluorescent light, spray sterilizer: Effectively kill bacterial propagator, bud, mycobacterium, coronavirus, fungus, rickettsia, and chlamydia, etc.

  • Lead room negative pressure device: Operation scan pressure≤-10Pa

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