• PY-YD-340 Electric Dialysis Chair

PY-YD-340 Hemodialysis Chair

  • Whole chair with steel frame provide strong bearing capability, safe working load up to 240kg.

  • High density (45D) polyurethane foam for mattress with moderate elasticity and durability provides additional comfort for patients having to sit for long periods.

  • Soft upholstery makes of breathable PVC material, which is water proof, fire retardant, anti-corrosion, easily clean & disinfection. The PVC leather is resistant to disinfectants, blood and urine too.

Features of PY-YD-340 Hemodialysis Chair

  • Four upholstery colors to choose from. Warm & light colors of upholstery contribute to patient's mental well-being.

  • The hand control and two Denmark Linak motors allow for quick positioning for any situations, including trendelenburg (or shock position) with the push of one button.

  • Mute medical castors of + 100mm with separate brake.

  • The detachable headrest pillow can be adjusted according to the height of each patient.

  • Several OPTIONAL accessories: back up battery is available in case of power failure; LED readinglamp;paper roll holder, Over-bed Table.

Technical Data of PY-YD-340 Hemodialysis Chair

  • Overall length: 1880mm

  • Seat width: 600mm

  • Height: 530mm

  • Backrest adjustment: 0-75°

  • Legrest adjustment: -80°~0°

  • Trendelenburg position: NO

  • Size of castors: 4x 10cm swivel castors with separate brakes

  • Weight of chair: 85kg

  • Safe maximum load: 200kg

  • Motors: 2 Linak motors

  • Power supply: AC 110-240V 50/60Hz

Image of PY-YD-340 Hemodialysis Chair

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