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Dentistry generally checks and treats oral problems and symptoms. The dental care instruments commonly used are: dental chair, dental air compressor, dental handpiece, dental cautery machine and dental implant motor, etc.

Dental medical equipment is mainly used for the examination and treatment of oral surgery and oral diseases. Dental chair action is controlled by the control switch on the back of the chair. To start the motor, the drive mechanism will make corresponding movements, so does dental chairs. According to the treatment needs, the control switch can be operated to complete the rise, fall, bending, sit-up position, and restoration of the dental chair. A whole complete Dental chair should include a dental chair, handpieces, scaler, curing light, suction machine, air compressor and etc. To learn more information and details about other related products, please don't hesitate to contact us.

ENT medical devices are commonly used in ENT surgery for the treatment of ear-nose-throat related disorders, we have various kinds of product for you to choose, such as ENT OPD treatment unit, wall-mounted ENT diagnostic set, Eye and ENT diagnostic set and ophthalmoscope, etc. 

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FAQs Of Dental & ENT Equipment

What is ENT?

ENT represent ear, nose and throat.

I don't want to buy a dental machine but not able to use it because some parts or consumables lack.

Yes, we will provide you a complete set and you can put it into use without sourcing any other parts again.

I may need a dental machine in the near future, but my place is not ready, what should I do?

Because the dental machine is heavy, so we will ship it by sea. Plus the production time, it will take around 2 months before you get it after your payment. So you can go ahead with your order.

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