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Patients in medical rehabilitation facilities often have to face enormous challenges. Many have suffered from illness or accidents, faced with retraining their bodies and minds, as well as having to adapt to new environments. In this case, a positive atmosphere can be decisive. As a hospital furniture China manufacturer, we provide hospital furniture products like hospital beds, orthopedic hospital bed, nursing beds, medical beds, and furniture should provide strong support for patients and caregivers. We focus on healthcare solutions medical supplies that provide the right choice to help patients achieve rapid and long-term recovery. 

Hospital medical furniture is various, we'll just name a few here for your reference: Hospital beds (manual & electrical), medical screen, bedside locker, drip stand, medical trolley, chairs and examination table, etc.

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Hospital Furniture FAQs

How do you ship my goods since they are not high value but heavy?

We suggest to ship them by sea which will be more cost-effective.

What quality requirements does your company meet?

As a professional China hospital furniture factory, we have over 20 certifications, as ISO-9001/13485/14001/18001, European CE, North American FDA, Russian Federal Registration, and Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency.

We also meet the 93/42/EEC and IEC60601 safety standards.

Is the color on headboard/footboard and ABS side rail optional?

Yes, the color of the manual hospital bed for sale can be customized according to your requirements, based on wholesale purchases.

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