Hemodialysis System

The patient's blood and dialysate will be flowed into the dialyzer at the same time (the two flows in opposite directions). The semi-permeable membrane of the dialyzer (artificial kidney) is used to separate excessive toxins and excessive water stored in the blood from the body, and bases are added to correct acidosis, adjust electrolyte disturbances, and replace the excreting function of the kidney

Basically, a complete Hemodialysis System will include dialysis machine, RO water system, dialysis chair and necessary consumables such as dialyzer, blood tubing set, fistula needle (AVF), bicarbonate powder, acid concentrate and citric acid disinfectant.

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FAQs of Hemodialysis System

How many dialysis machines will your RO water support at the same?

We have different models of RO water systems and the number of dialysis machines running at the same is varies for your option.

What items does your hemodialysis system include exactly?

We have a dialysis machine, RO water system, dialysis chair, dialysis powder, dialysis concentrate, bloodline and fistula needle, dialyzer bicarbonate powder, acid concentrate, and citric acid disinfectant.

Will I get the consumables from you after I buy the machine from you?

Yes, we will supply consumables like dialyzer and blood tubing set, etc to you.

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