• NeuMR 1.5T MRI

NeuMR 1.5T MRI

Value powered by AIM, NeuMR 1.5T is designed to offer a friendly interactive experience and streamlined workflow while delivering robust and exquisite imaging to customers.

Key Features of NeuMR 1.5T MRI

  • The AIM platform is the NeuMR 1.5T engine, which includes newly designed RF coils, table, cover, and user interface for better user experience; ARM gradient coil for stable image quality.

  • NeuMR 1.5T provides comprehensive and quantitative applications, such as Total Neuro, Total Spine, BrainQuant, HDDWI & DTI, MRS, ASL, etc. The Neusoft AIM MRI is for expanding your clinical capabilities.

  • Excellent magnet homogeneity from the 90cm inner-diameter magnet improves image quality and reduces artifacts.

  • Higher resolution images are generated from the powerful gradient system and an independent 16-ch RF system with sensitivity encoding (SENSE) technology.

  • Workflow and patient throughput are improved by a full range of comprehensive clinical applications which guide routine examinations.

Specifications of NeuMR 1.5T MRI

Magnet unit

1.1 Field strength 1.5 Tesla

1.2 Magnet Length 160 cm

1.3 Bore Diameter 60 cm

Gradient System

2.1 Gradient strength ≥35mT/m

2.2 Gradient Slew rate ≥136 mT/m/S

2.3 Duty cycle 100%

2.3 Gradient Rise time ≤0.26ms

2.4 The maximum output voltage of gradient ≥750V

2.5 Maximum output current of gradient ≥640A

RF System

3.1 Power of the transmitter amplifier: ≥20 kW

3.2 No. of RF independent Receiver channels 16

3.3 Factor of parallel acquisition techniques (SENSE) ≥2

Images of NeuMR 1.5T MRI

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