Ultrasound Scanner Machine

In the diagnosis of abdominal viscera diseases, ultrasound diagnosis is often the first choice in the examination of abdominal diseases because of its rapid speed and affordable price. In addition, there has been a great development in the fields of cardiac ultrasound, obstetrics & gynecology ultrasound, and intracavity ultrasound in recent years. At the same time, with the involvement of interventional ultrasound and ultrasound therapy, liver and kidney puncture, cancer treatment, shock wave lithotripsy, fistula, and other examinations and treatments developed rapidly, which make ultrasound diagnosis and treatment can be done at the same time.

Ultrasound examination can be applied to cardiovascular, abdomen, obstetrics & gynecology, small organs, soft tissues, chest cavity, and other visceral organs and structures.

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FAQs Of Ultrasound Scanner Machine

If I buy ultrasound scanners this time, can I add single probes in my next order?

Yes, no matter when you need any probe, you can get it from us.

I don't know which kind of printer can match my ultrasound machine scanner, what should I do?

We will also supply ultrasound printer. Or you can get printer recommendations if you tell us your machine brand and model.

How long is the warranty?

Normally the warranty is 12 months.

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