Electrocautery Machine

High-frequency electrocautery machine for sale is an electrosurgical instrument that replaces mechanical scalpels for tissue cutting. This kind of medical cautery machine contacts the body and heats the tissue with high-voltage current generated by the effective electrode tip, and realizes the separation and coagulation of the body tissue, thereby achieving the purpose of cutting and hemostasis. As one of the leading cautery machine suppliers, Alltrusted produces great-quality dental cautery machine, electrocautery unit and different cautery machine types, etc.

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Electrocautery Machine FAQs

What' s the power of the machine?

It has different power for different functions, 70/100/200/300/400W for choice.

What working modes do your machine have?

We have pure cut, blend cut I, blend II, coagulation, burn, bipolar coagulation, spray coagulation, mono-fulguration available. 

Do you supply the spare parts?

Yes, we supply relevant spare parts such as electrosurgical electrodes, electrosurgical pencils, split patient plates and bipolar forceps etc.

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