• F6 Fetal Monitoring System

F6 Fetal & Maternal Monitor

F6 Series attends to the whole delivery process throughout the antepartum, intrapartum, and postpartum stages, leveling up obstetric care with water birth and telemetry solutions. Integrating fetal and maternal parameters together, covering both external and internal monitoring, while being able to select a complete set of unique wireless probes.

Key Features of F6 Fetal & Maternal Monitor

  • 10.1" foldable TFT color screen

  • One button operation for super simple workflow experience

  • Probe rack for easy positioning of the transducers

  • Color-coded accessory interfaces for quick plug-and-play

  • 1 MHz waterproof sensitive transducer

  • Signals Overlap Verification to differentiate twins FHR

  • FHR signal quality indicator helps optimize the probe position

  • Numeric and waveform display of FHR and TOCO

  • Twins FHR monitoring

  • Waterproof wireless probe for water delivery

  • Automatic probe identification

  • F6 Express supports four viewing angles: 15, 30, 45, 60 that give better optic angles for care givers.

  • Functional keys and knob provide various short-cuts to achieve functions for clinical use. The ‘START’ button could be configured to integrate patient info and printing. This could help the doctor to simplify the workflow and work with 1 button only.

Specifications of F6 Fetal & Maternal Monitor


10.1inch, 800×600 Pixel Multicolor LCD

Ultrasound Transducer

8-Crystal Transducer, Cable Length 2.5m

Weight 190g, Dimension 88mm × 35mm, Color Pink

TOCO Transducer

Cable Length 2.5m, Weight 180g

Dimension 88mm × 35mm

Remote Event Marker

Cable Length 2.5m, Weight 56g


Cable Length 3m, Weight 213g


Cable Length 2.4m, Weight 68g


Cable Length 3.3m, Weight 194g


Cable Length 3m, Weight 55g

Rechargeable Li-ion Battery

Nominal Voltage 14.8V

Nominal Capacity 5000mAh

Continuous Working Time >2 hours

Necessary Charge Time<7 hours

Cycle Life >300 times


Thermal Dot-matrix Recorder


Z-fold, Thermosensitive (Compatible with GE and Philips recorder papers)

Paper Width


Effective Printing Width

110mm (American Standard)

120mm (International Standard)

FHR Printout Width

70mm (American Standard)

80mm (International Standard)

FHR Scaling

30bpm/cm (American Standard)

20bpm/cm (International Standard)

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