Medical Equipment in Operating Theater Department

Thus, a full Operating Theatre Equipment is very necessary. Normally, the operating theater should be adjacent to the operating department, as well as close to the blood bank, ICU, and anesthesia recovery room. To prevent infection and improve the success rate of operation, four ways of surgical incision infection should be handled carefully, namely: the air in the operating room; the items needed for the operation; the fingers of doctors &nurses, and the skin of the patient. Operating Theater should be designed reasonably and equipped with full Operating Theatre Equipment. With the rapid development of surgical technology, modernization of Operating Theatre is being strengthened day by day.

Composition of Operating Theater Department

A modern Operating Theatre is an integrated Operating Theatre with laminar flow and purification technology. At the same time, a wide range of Operating Theatre Equipment is required starting from Anesthesia machine, ventilator, china operating table, operating light, injection & infusion pumps, defibrillator, monitor and diathermy unit, etc.

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