• Biosafety Cabinet HR1500-IIA2
  • Biosafety Cabinet HR1500-IIA2

Biosafety Cabinet HR1500-IIA2

Energy-efficient Class II microbiological safety cabinet is suitable for microbiology, biomedicine, biosafety laboratories, and other laboratories. It offers three levels of protection – operator, product, and environment. Double Exhaust-Filters Two-Side Glass Walls Compartmented Working Surface Safe Airflow System.

Key Features of Biosafety Cabinet HR1500-IIA2

  • It provides real-time monitoring of the air velocity of the working area, compares it with the standard air velocity to keep the airspeed constant within the safety cabinet by adjustment of the fan speed via the microcomputer system.

  • Curved worksurface ensures reduces the chance of contamination and is easy to clean.

  • Real-time display of key parameters - downflow velocity, inflow velocity, airflow volume, static pressure, negative pressure, the accumulative running time of fan and UV lamp, and remaining life of the filter. Visual and audible alarms and UV sterilization function.

  • Which reduces noise, conserves energy, and improves the service life of the filter. When the human body sensor module detects under the intelligent mode that the person is outside and away from the operating area for over 15 minutes, the microcomputer program will automatically switch the safety.

  • The safety cabinet provides a more uniform airflow, reduced contamination, and noise to<62dB(A).

  • American AAF (ULPA) filter is tested to a typical efficiency of > 99.9995% for 0.12micron particles. ULPA filter provides vertical laminar flow to the worktable to protect samples from pollution.

  • Utilizes side air design on the upper edge and on both sides of the front window to eliminate ‘blind spots. This prevents crossflow between inside and outside air, reducing contamination (Patent No. ZL200520125549.X).

  • Can be removed in seconds to enable quick and efficient cleaning of upper sections, limiting downtime.

  • Reduces user fatigue and does not interfere with air inflow.

Product Parameters of Biosafety Cabinet HR1500-IIA2


Working Voltage & Frequency(V/Hz)

220V 50/60Hz; 115V 60Hz

Power (VA)


Power of Blower(W)

AC 650W

Airflow Circulation

70% Downflow, 30% Exhaust

Main Filter Typical Efficiency

ULPA, U15, 99.9995%@0.12um

Exhaust Filter Typical Efficiency

HEPA, H14, 99.995%@0.3um

Exterior Dimension(W*D*H) (mm)


Exterior Dimension(W*D*H) (in)


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