Service & Policy

I. Warranty

If any malfunction is caused by quality related problems within one year from the date of purchasing calculating from the of delivery day of All Trusted Medical, the product can be repaired for free or returned to All Trusted Medical.

The following items will not be involved in the warranty:

1. The malfunction is caused by misuse, negligence or accidents.

2. Manufacturer’s original serial number label or product identification marks have been altered or removed.

3. The equipment that have been modified or repaired by any other person who is not authorized by All Trusted Medical.

4. Any implementation not according to the agreement.

Ⅱ. Technical Training

All Trusted Medical will provide the customers with free training service. The traffic and accommodation charge will be on the customers' account.

Also, All Trusted Medical will provide free technical support via e-mail, telephone or online at any moment.

Ⅲ. Return Policy

Written notification must be sent to All Trusted Medical before the goods returning, the returned goods must be well packed before returning. When a whole machine is returned, it must be packed in the original package.

The serial number must be marked on the outside of the parcel and brief description for returning reason must be sent together with returning item.

Ⅳ. Freight Policy

1. Within Warranty:

The customer is responsible for freight & insurance charges when the equipment is shipped to All Trusted Medical for service (including custom charges). All Trusted Medical is responsible for the freight & insurance charges from All Trusted Medical to the customer.

2. After Warranty:

The customer is responsible for round-trip freight insurance and any other charges for returned product.

V. Compensation Installation and Maintenance Policy for Overseas Market

1. Installation video should be offered free for all the machines.

2. All Trusted provide compensation installation and maintenance service with the following flat rate if you need any:

2.1 Technical Service Charge: refer to technical labor cost caused by offering spot repairs, maintenance and training.

Working Hour: local hour 9:00am-11:30am, 2:00pm-6:00pm.

2.2 Visiting Service Charge: refer to travel expenses, board and lodging costs, oversea insurance expenses and relevant Visa.

2.3 Round-trip tickets to client location for on-spot service.

2.4 Spare Parts Charge: refer to material expenses caused by replacing spare parts, component, and maintenance consumables.

2.5 Users should pay other fees (such as transport & travel expenses) caused by sending for repair.

VI. Acceptance Notice

Under the condition of the installation by customers themselves, in order to hand over the machines by mutual sides comprehensively and successfully, it is necessary for customer to send All Trusted Medical the pictures which should include but not be limited to show that: 1) the overall packing condition with wooden cases without being opened the moment customer receive them; 2) the overall pictures of the machines after the wooden cases is opened and the well-being packing condition of the machines .

VII. This after-sale service policy is an essential part of <Proforma Invoice>.

All returning items must be sent to the following address.


Address: 9A-501, Wutong Island, Bao'an District, Shenzhen City, China

Tel: +86-(0) 755-23729397

Fax: +86-(0)755-23729397


Remarks: This policy applies only to products procured from All Trusted Medical.

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