General Medical Equipment

Medical equipment is the most basic element of medical, scientific research, teaching, institutional and clinical disciplines, including professional and household medical equipment.

There are mainly three categories of general medical device, namely diagnostic equipment, therapeutic equipment, and auxiliary equipment.

Diagnostic equipment can be divided into eight categories: X-ray diagnostic equipment, ultrasonic diagnostic equipment, functional examination equipment, endoscopy equipment, nuclear medicine equipment, and etc.

Therapeutic equipment can be divided into 10 categories: ward nursing equipment, surgical equipment, radiotherapy equipment, nuclear medicine treatment equipment, chemical equipment and etc.

Auxiliary equipment can be divided into the following categories: disinfection and sterilization equipment, refrigeration equipment, central suction, and oxygen supply system, air conditioning equipment, pharmaceutical machinery and equipment, and blood bank equipment, etc.

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FAQs Of General Medical Equipment

If I build a new hospital, can I get all my equipment from you?

Yes, All Trusted Medical supply one-stop service and medical solutions. We supply ICU, OR, NICU, LAB and other medical solutions you may need.

What's your payment mode?

We are flexible in terms of payment. We can do LC, TT, DP. 

If I need a lot items, how do you ship them together to me?

We have cooperative logistic partners and will gather all your goods together and ship together either by sea or by air to you according to our agreement.

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