Microplate Reader&Washer

The microplate reader is mainly used to detect the absorbance value in the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay reaction, and its use is mainly used in the determination of ELISA reagents, and is widely used in various laboratories, including clinical laboratories. As one of the ELISA reader and washer manufacturers, we have microplate washer that can wash some residual substances after the detection of the microplate, to remove unbound antigens and impurities. After washing, only specific antibodies are left on the solid phase carrier.

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FAQ of Microplate Reader&Washer

Which kind plate supported by your microplate reader?

Compatible with flat, U-or V-bottom plates.

How many cleaning solutions does your microplate reader support?

Accept up to 2 cleaning solutions (A/B).

Which kind plate supported by your microplate washer?

Microplate types: 96-well plate (UV or flat-bottom).

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