• MP-60A Hospital Iv Pumps
  • Medical IV Pumps
  • MP-60A Hospital Iv Pumps
  • MP-60A Hospital Iv Pumps
  • MP-60A Hospital Iv Pumps

MP-60A Infusion Pump

With a 2.4" LCD color touchscreen, the MP–60 has an intuitive four icon menu which enables the system to be set up quickly with the minimum number of steps. At a glance, view enables the screen to be magnified for improved visibility from a distance as well as adjustable screen brightness and selectable background color.

Key Features of MP-60A Infusion Pump

  • 2.4" LCD color touchscreen

  • comprehensive pre-installed drug library

  • Lightweight

  • optional docking station

Technical Details of MP-60A Infusion Pump

  • Power Supply: AC 100-240V

  • Built-in battery: 5 hours for continuous working

  • Infusion Modes: Rate Mode, Time Mode, Weight Mode, Loading Dose Mode, Trapezia Mode, Sequence Mode, Micro Mode, Relay Mode, Drip Mode

  • Occlusion level and range: Three levels are supported

  • Pressure range: 225mmHg - 975mmHg

  • Infusion accuracy: ±5%

  • Infusion speed range: 0.1-1200.0mL/h, with the minimum increment of 0.01 mL/h

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