What Are the Functions of a Gynecology Exam Table?

Gynecology exam table is an auxiliary medical device used for various gynecological examinations, diagnostic surgeries, and family planning examinations in hospitals, clinics, family planning stations, and mobile gynecological examination vehicles. This series of products can adjust various positions of patients during treatment according to the actual situation. The curve design of the product focuses on humanization and comfort, and the seamless design of the bed surface is more conducive to the cleaning and protection of the equipment by medical staff. The power system of this series of products is driven by three power systems: full hydraulic, motor, and mechanical operation. The main components are foreign brand products with long service life, stable performance, low noise, and flexible and convenient operation.

The role of gynecology exam table

Gynecology exam table is a medical device used for gynecological examination. It is an automatically open and fixed type that can smoothly move patients to the examination position.

  • The gynecology exam table is an automatically open and adjustable type with one side inclined and the other side naturally separated. As the backrest tilts, the body transitions to the examination position and the legs slowly open. Therefore, it can reduce patients' psychological burden and eliminate the need for nursing care.

  • When examining patients with inconvenient hip joints, the hip support can be fixed and the degree of leg opening can be adjusted in advance through the operation of the handle, which reduces the burden on nurses.

  • The inclined and lifting driving devices of the gynecology exam table are equipped with a unique low-pressure electric hydraulic system, which has outstanding durability. The hydraulic device uses proportional solenoid valves and soft start, making the vibration during startup/stop almost imperceptible. This is the first time it has been used in similar products worldwide.

  • Based on the analysis of the sitting posture of the elderly, armrests that are easy to hold are installed. When moving patients from wheelchairs or stretchers, the armrests can be removed.

  • It achieves a minimum examination height of 45cm, making patients feel like sitting on a chair. Therefore, the elderly can face diagnosis and treatment with peace of mind.

  • During the automatic movement of the examination table, if it needs to be stopped, it adopts a safety design that can be immediately stopped by stepping on any switch. It can resume movement by stepping on the desired operation switch.

The difference between gynecology exam table and gynecological surgical bed

In the operating room, the surgical bed can be used not only for gynecology but also for other departments. Each part can be moved and is suitable for various positions of swinging patients for surgery, and of course, it can also be used as an examination bed. The examination bed is used for gynecological examinations in outpatient clinics and is generally relatively simple. In simple terms, the gynecology exam table cannot be used as a gynecological surgical table, while the obstetrics and gynecology surgical table has the functions of both gynecology exam table and obstetrics and gynecology surgical table.

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